The 9 Bridges Approach




To create safe, supportive communities throughout the world, where writers can hone their craft and support and mentor their peers. That peer-to-peer connection is our First Bridge.




To encourage writers through every part of their personal journey, through educational programs, support groups, scholarships and literacy programs. Our Second Bridge closes gaps in a writer’s knowledge of the craft.




To expose writers to new experiences, by opening their minds to new genres and new points of view through contact with other authors. Encouraging diversity through inclusion is our Third Bridge.




To bring together aspiring beginners with seasoned professionals in order to learn and grow from each other. Sharing wisdom forms our Fourth Bridge.





To provide support and opportunities for writers interested in publishing their work. Our Fifth Bridge connects writers with the business of publishing.





To provide networking and promotional opportunities for authors who are actively marketing their work. Closing the gap between a writer and their audience forms our Sixth Bridge.




To support and recognize our internal community leaders, whether through promotional opportunities, stipends, fellowships, and programs aimed at promoting leaders within the writing community. Our Seventh Bridge paves the way for writers to become leaders.




To create a community larger than us through partnerships and cobranding with other arts and literacy organizations. Our Eighth Bridge is an ever-expanding matrix linking communities with each other.




To provide support and guidance when our members most need it.  Connecting writers with their own souls to overcome insecurities and writers block is our Ninth Bridge.

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