9 Bridges not only helped me get past the first chapter of my novel but they connected me to people I will likely consider life long friends, helped me form an amazing critique group with excellent writers and editors, and helped me build a writing community. The founders really care about whether their individual community members succeed and they work hard to see that it happens. Thank you to 9 Bridges!

Rachelle R, Member, 9 Bridges Portland Chapter

I like that each writer brings something else to the table and I get to listen to such a variety of writing styles and genres. What a delicious treat for the ears!

Maureen R., Member, 9 Bridges Portland Chapter

I joined this group with trepidation. On the first visit I was welcomed and given great feedback. I look forward to each group meeting I attend.

Tina W., Member, 9 Bridges Portland Chapter

Great people, good atmosphere, great help.

Phil B., Member, 9 Bridges Portland Chapter

There is a special energy that comes from writers sharing their insights as readers. It’s like having a focus group with people who can actually express themselves about the written word.

Madeline A., Member 9 Bridges Portland Chapter

There is no better time than now for giving credit and a sincere thank you to this group for the help, patience and encouragement I’ve received. Recently, others have commented that they have noticed improvement in my pieces. Gaining a more critical eye for things I read is an unexpected bonus. Anyone wanting to improve their writing skills should seek out 9 Bridges. What a fine bunch of people!

Fred M., Member, 9 Bridges Portland Chapter

A friendly group of authors of various genre. I have learned to appreciate the different type of feedback I receive as a result of the “read aloud” format. Great for getting advice about transitions, short pieces, and scene setting. It has also taught me a new way of listening to other people’s stories.

Ilana L. Member, 9 Bridges Portland Chapter