“Night People” by Larry Dunlap

NBW-author-profile-masked-02-copyight People, Book 1 of Things We lost in the Night, A Memoir of Love and Music in the 60s with Stark Naked and the Car Thieves was released in June, 2015. More information, including links for downloading ebook versions can be found on Larry’s website: http://larryjdunlap.com/book/


Night People, Book 1 of Things We lost in the Night

THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS in Larry’s life in 1965 Indianapolis are his suddenly troubled marriage to his high school sweetheart and their two little boys, and his scattered-to-the-winds, singing group. Miraculously reunited with his vocalist friends in distant San Francisco, it’s questionable whether they will survive their clumsy transformation into a working rock ‘n roll nightclub band—or the sacrifices required. He doesn’t know it yet, but as their skills improve, he and his rock and roll band will be plunged into an exhilarating ride that will make them the model for Three Dog Night, take them to mob-run nightclubs, Las Vegas showrooms and backrooms, and famous Hollywood nightclubs and recording studios.

It’s an era of great cultural, sexual, and musical change—and the draft. Larry’s group overcomes, or at least survives the obstacles in their path to achieve hard-won successes. But as their fortunes rise, Larry finds everything he thought he knew about life being challenged, as he attempts to adapt to a new life, a new companion and lover, and the things he finds, and loses, in the tumultuous nights.

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