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PORTLAND, OREGON – March 27, 2015 – The Coffee House Writers Group (CHWG) announced today that it has plans to divest itself of all of its chapters outside of CA. CHWG will continue to support aspiring writers in Southern California through its critique groups but has announced that, at this time, it does not wish to continue serving communities outside of Southern California. All chapters outside of California will be absorbed by the 9 Bridges Writers Guild.

9 Bridges forms a nationwide community of writers, connected through both local chapters and a larger online community. It is headed up by long-time CHWG Board members Mark and Elizabyth Harrington, who served respectively as as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer for CHWG.

9 Bridges will assume leadership over the existing CHWG chapters located in Portland, OR, Missoula, MT, and Phoenix,AZ. During the inception of the new organization, the format of the chapters will stay the same, but the organization envisions an evolution towards serving writers throughout multiple stages of their journey. “There are so many writers groups out there, operating as small islands,” Elizabyth Harrington explains. “Our vision is to unite writers through creating bridges connecting these communities.”

Mark Harrington has accepted the position of Chief Financial Officer of 9 Bridges and will be responsible for the organizational infrastructure and fiscal stewardship of the organization. Elizabyth Harrington, meanwhile, will preside as Executive Director and will be responsible for the day to day operations and growth of 9 Bridges.

Vargus Pike, longtime member of the Portland Chapter and CHWG Board member, will be assuming the position of Chairman of the Board of 9 Bridges. Vargus has been a valuable asset to the Portland group and will continue to bring his leadership skills and vision to 9 Bridges.

Of the future of 9 Bridges, CHWG Founder and CEO, Christine Marie Bryant said, “Mark and Elizabyth have done so much for the Coffee House Writers Group. They have an amazing vision and passion for helping writers, and I know they will do amazing things with 9 Bridges.”

About 9 Bridges Writers Guild: is dedicated to supporting writers in all stages of their journey to pursue their craft. In addition to providing peer review and support in the form of critique groups, 9 Bridges gives writers access to a wide community through workshops, events, online forums and the promotion of events that are interesting and benefit our members.  9 Bridges is dedicated to flexibility – through community connections we can quickly adapt to fill a writer’s needs, whether they are just starting out or have published a dozen best sellers.


Elizabyth Harrington
Executive Director

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