Christina Weaver

Christina Weaver wrote stories for her family. After a news article captured her interest, she wrote her first full length work, but upon reviewing it, she wasn’t satisfied. Accepting that she needed to perfect her style, Christina joined an online writing group. There she took classes and honed her craft. Over the next few years […]

The Solitary Writer

Occasionally when I hear someone say that writing is a lonely business, this picture forms in my head of a writer in some distant white field with a flock of words. Shepherding them into patterns while they keep the wolves of self-doubt at bay. Or I imagine the writer stranded in a desert isle with […]

There Are No Rules for Writing

by Heather Curry Self I enjoy reading how other authors write–and what they enjoy about their writing process. What works for them. But that’s the key thing: What they enjoy writing about their writing process. How they get the story down is how they get the story down. James Patterson says outlining your story before […]

9 Questions with… Roma Gray

Roma Gray lives in Oregon with her three furry friends, Nicky, Cricket, and Roanoke. She has an MBA in Technology Management and a Masters in Project Management. Her book, Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon, an anthology of six trick-or-treat thrillers, is available at Amazon and most other book sellers for the introductory sale price […]