About 9 Bridges

“Writer. The word conjures up images of an infinitely wise, Yoda-like being that churns out amazingly complex things called “books” or even more profound creations called “poetry” while drinking a lot of red wine, listening to exotic music and surrounded by six-toed cats. However, while anyone who uses any type of written communication is by definition a writer, most people hesitate to embrace that title. There seems to be this strange perception that there exists a mythical being called a “writer” – and that the rest of us could never achieve that lofty position. The truth of the matter is that we’re all writers – simply because we all write.”

— Elizabyth Harrington 




9 Bridges is dedicated to supporting writers in all stages of their journey in the pursuit of their craft. In addition to providing peer review and support in the form of critique groups, 9 Bridges offers writers access to a wide community through workshops, events, online forums and the promotion of events that are of interest and benefit to our members. 9 Bridges is dedicated to flexibility – through community connections we can quickly adapt to fill a writer’s needs, whether they are just starting out or have published a dozen best sellers.

Our meetings are open and to everyone, and offer opportunities for writers from many diverse communities to come together for the purpose of improving their craft. Our members include seniors and youth, the homeless, college students, teachers, people with disabilities, published authors, hobbyists and everyone in-between. What all of these folks have in common is a love and desire to write. Whenever possible we make these events free to our members and to the general public.


Critique Groups:

Our critique format encourages writers not only to have a voice, but to listen to each other as well. Not only do writers come together to help each other through peer review, but writers develop important skills through listening, critiquing and reading out loud. All opinions are welcome and even first timers are encouraged to participate – both by critiquing and sharing their work. Writers find that they learn new tricks not only from critiques on their work, but from critiques on other members’ work.



Our monthly workshops cover a wide variety of topics, from character development to self publishing. They are taught by experienced professionals, published authors and educators. In the past we have covered topics like Scrivener, character development, self-publishing basics and poetry. Generally our topics are chosen by our members and average about 50% on the business of writing and 50% on the craft.


Special Events & Projects:

These range from Halloween parties to our annual participation in the NW Book Fair.  They are a great way for writers to get together and share stories and friendship. Our Portland chapter’s first Halloween party became the basis for a short story anthology and there are other anthologies on the horizon.


Virtual Chapter:

We have strived to connect all of our chapters through a virtual chapter on Facebook. One of the first things we did was to create a place where writers could share interesting articles, news about their publications and friendships. We’re happy to report that the idea has been embraced and has grown. Our Facebook chapter can be found here.