9 Bridges brings writers together.

9 Bridges creates connections – bridging differences in styles, personalities and level of experience. We feel we can all learn from one another, whether it means a poet might teach a science fiction writer about the importance of cadence, or that a horror writer might coach a memoir writer on how to create suspense. We strive to not only connect writers to writers, but to give writers greater access to the communities that can help them the best.

Join us.

We Need Your Help

As a community, 9 Bridges can only exist through support of people like you.  We need your support in all areas – whether as an active member sharing your experience and knowledge at a critique group, a financial supporter, a workshop presenter, blogger, a critique host or even just as a member who does nothing more than show up at a meeting to listen and be around friends. All of these things help support and grow our community. Even the tiniest drop of water helps make an ocean. We are a federally-recognized, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit, and your financial contributions are tax deductible. Click here for more information.